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Tapas are a wide variety of small Spanish appetizers. Here in the UK tapas have evolved into a sophisticated and enjoyable cuisine. You may order a few tapas as starters or many combined to make a main meal. According to the legend, the tapas tradition began when King Alfonso X of Castile was enjoying a glass of sherry and used slices of bread and meat as a lid “Tapa” to cover his glasses between sips. This was a practical measure to prevent fruit flies from hovering over the sherry and so it became the fashion! Buen apetito!!

The Tapas menu will not be available on weekends in December, Mother’s Day, Music Nights or any special events.

Tapas menu is not available on the 24th December – only A La Carte menu

Tapas Menu

Tapas @ La Familia Restaurant

Meat and Chicken

Jamon Serrano £5.50

Spanish cured ham

Albondigas £4.50

Beef meatballs in a garlic & tomato sauce

Chuletas £2.35 each

Grilled lamb cutlets

Chorizo £5.50

Chorizo sausage sautéed in rioja wine

Costillas £5.50

Tender slow braised BBQ pork ribs

Pinchos £5.50

Marinated chicken skewers

Higado £5.50

Sautéed calves liver strips

Pollo Ajilo £5.50

Chicken strips sautéed in garlic butter

Croquetas de Jamon £5.50

Ham & cheese croquettes served with alioli

Pollo con vegetales £6.50

Chicken strips & vegetable in garlic butter


Mejillones £5.95

Mussels in Tomato Or Cream & Onions sauce

Limon £6.95

Mediterranean prawns in a buttery, garlic, lemon & paprika

Calamares £5.50

Crispy squid rings served with tartar sauce

Crocantes £4.95

Crispy garlic filo prawns served with sweet chilli sauce

Del Rey £7.95

King prawns sautéed in butter, wine, garlic & paprika

Gambas Ajilo £6.95

Prawns sautéed with garlic & olive oil

Boquerones £4.95

Traditional Marinated Spanish anchovies

Sardinas £4.95

Grilled sardines

Boquerones Fritos £4.95

Crispy white bait served with tartar sauce

Croquetas de Bacalao £5.50

Cod croquette served with Tartar sauce


Tortilla Espanola £4.50

Traditional Spanish potato & onion omelette

Arroz Español £3.95

Spanish saffron rice with peas & peppers

Bravas £4.50

Potatoes sautéed in spicy tomato sauce or with Alioli dip

Mediterráneo £4.50

Sautéed mixed Mediterranean vegetables

Mixta £3.50

Mixed house salad

Queso £4.95

Spanish Manchego cheese & fig marmalade

Papitas £2.95


Patatas Dulces £3.95

Sweet potato fries

Maíz £3.95

Crispy maize cubes infused with fresh herbs served with aioli dip

Pimentones Del Padron £5.95

Spanish green Peppers sautéed with rock salt & olive oil

Pan del Ajo £2.50

Garlic bread

Pan del Ajo e Queso £2.90

Cheesy garlic bread

Aceitunas £2.95

Marinated Olives